Roof Mounted Solar Power Systems


The solar array of a PV system can be mounted on rooftops, generally with a few inches gap, and parallel to the surface of the roof. If the rooftop is horizontal, the array is mounted with each panel aligned at an angle. If the panels are planned to be mounted before the construction of the roof, the roof can be designed accordingly by installing support brackets for the panels before the materials for the roof are installed. Clayco Electric can work alongside your roofer or provide you a roofer that has worked with Solar materials before.

If the roof is already constructed, it is easy to retrofit panels directly on top of existing roofing structures. Clayco Electric Installs Solar on all types of roofs including, but not limited to, composite roofs, concrete tiles, clay tiles, gravel roofs, steel roofs and flat roofs. Call today to have a Clayco representative come out and asses your roof.

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